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At Care Clinic Plus, Drew Larkins, DC, provide family medicine services to people of all ages living in and around Orlando, Florida, and throughout Orange County.

Care Clinic Plus is an integrated practice. The providers offer traditional medical and chiropractic services, enabling patients to access general and holistic health care onsite. The office is conveniently located and features a comfortable and welcoming environment.

The family medicine patient care center tries to make visits as quick and efficient as possible. The providers regularly accept same-day visits and use an online check-in system to reduce wait times and enhance the patient experience.

At Care Clinic Plus, individuals and families can access various primary care services, including physicals, acute care, lab work, and medical weight loss. The providers also offer more specialized treatments, including chiropractic care and IV fusions, as well as cosmetic treatments, like Botox® and fillers.

The providers boast years of experience and provide compassionate care. They’re able to treat most acute and chronic issues, but for those with more complex conditions, they regularly provide referrals to specialists.

To partner with Care Clinic Plus, make an appointment by calling the office or scheduling online today.

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Primary Care

At Care Clinic Plus, we have a uniquely modern approach to healthcare with a slight touch of the old-fashioned generalist approach. Our primary care specialists understand the value of the first contact in your overall well being, and they work to know all your medical history promptly. One of our focus areas includes preventive care that entails services such as immunization, physicals, treating and managing acute and chronic illnesses, and nutritional and pediatric care. And if you are looking for iv vitamin therapy near me, then we got you covered

-Family Practice from 12 and up
-Acute Care
-Cuts and Scraps
-Respiratory Infections
-Chronic Disease Management
-In House Blood Work

Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractors are highly experienced in complementing traditional healthcare effectively, and they handle any pain in the muscles, joints, or bones. At Care Clinic Plus, we utilized top-notch equipment and trained hands that assist our patients in body alignment and joint manipulation, alleviating any recurring pain in the process. Besides, our chiropractors have specialized in the whole musculoskeletal system to deal with the root cause of any problem our patients might be facing.

-Auto accidents
-Slip and Falls
-Health Insurance
-X-rays on Site"

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IV Infusions

At Care Clinic Plus, we have cutting-edge technology and medical specialists who utilize intravenous therapy to its extreme limits to treat conditions such as deficiency of vital body nutrients and dehydration. Our certified techniques are guaranteed to deliver a rapid energy boost and allow high absorption rates of fluids and vitamins into our patients’ bodies. If you choose Care Clinic Plus for your IV fusion sessions, you will get immediate results, and our doctors can customize the type of treatment most suitable for you.

-Vitamin C and B12
-Myers’ Cocktail


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